Executive Search & Strategic Recruitment


Palermo Rhodes has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with the Engineered Products manufactures & A/E Consulting firms, so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide total total life cycle recruiting. We want to be your partner not another headhunter or recruiter. 

We generally charge based on a % of 1st years income for our consulting services. However, some projects can occasionally be quoted at a fixed price. Unlike other headhunters or search firms we can adjust our search based on our clients economic needs. 

 Search & Selection-Our core Business

At Palermo Rhodes we develop a sourcing strategy appropriate to each search, employing a range of search and evaluation techniques and a marketing strategy which is appropriate to each role.

We use the collective knowledge and experience of our in depth knowledge of the industries we serve, whether you want a Metal Building Design Engineer in CA, a Joist Detailer in TX, a Metal Roofing Estimator AL or a Architectural Sales Rep in NC , we will identify and approach prospective candidates and then apply a tailored assessment program which allows us to exactly match them to the search.

 Outsourced Services

With continuing pressures on many businesses to focus on core competencies, there is often a compelling financial reason to divest non-core HR activities such as recruitment, workforce planning, contractor management or training. Beyond the dollars the most compelling argument for such models is that it allows to you engage experts and deliver higher quality services across your business.

At Palermo Rhodes we have the flexibility and experience to adapt our services so that you get a genuinely unique service that fits your business model perfectly, giving you the confidence that we can seamlessly deliver our services to your team.

• Cost Controlled – Partial Search for companies that have the internal resources to handle part of the process in recruiting professionals.

• Strategic Recruitment- For clients who are always looking to "add to the bench". Palermo Rhodes has a network in the industry to make our clients aware of the Best & Brightest talent when they become available. 

     "The team with the best players wins."Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric 1981-2001

• Detailed Assessment on professionals going through the interviewing process which includes attributes, strengths, weaknesses, reference checks, evaluation related to “must requirements” from clients and additional reports on project oversight.

• Providing Background Checks along with Degree Verification(s)

• Assisting in the Evaluation of Compensation that is in sync with today’s market and specific to an employee’s tenure, education and background.

• Sharing our Knowledge of Strategic Changes being made by similar companies due to current market conditions and revised projections.

• Developing Position Descriptions, Organizational Development & Structuring, Interviewing Techniques, Cultural Assessment and Turnover/Retention analysis and Surveys.

• Providing our client's with a "Talent Pipeline". Yearly or Bi-Yearly contracts providing monthly reports, resume's and information of available talent for specific positions.

Palermo Rhodes
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